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For kitchen

Kitchen scales

ZKS15500 (KS1500) - Kitchen scales

ZKS15500 (KS1500)

This attractive, slim stainless steel scale will precisely measure the quantity of ingredients you need, for example, to make a cake. It has a practical tare function, a legible LCD display, and its metal housing is easy to keep clean.

  • Stainless steel design
  • Extremely slim
  • Clear and legible LCD
ZKS18000  - Kitchen scales


  • Indicates 7 nutritional values for 999 products
  • Large LCD display
  • Memory function for 99 favorite products
  • Made of tempered glass
ZKS14500 (KS1400)  - Kitchen scales

ZKS14500 (KS1400)

  • 2 in 1: Kitchen scale and measure cup
  • Detachable cup
  • Easy cleaning: cup washable in the dishwasher