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JP1500 JuiceMaker - Juice extractors

JP1500 JuiceMaker

The JuiceMaker JP1500 is an innovative appliance, a milestone in home production of fresh, healthy juice, not only out of fruit and vegetables but also herbs or even soybeans. With the unique Smart Extraction System (SES), this extractor's capacity is greater than that of a traditional juicer. Work comfort guaranteed with such options as the reverse function - you can stop worm duty with one pushbutton and reverse it, interrupting the extraction process; restart the appliance in the same way. When you have finished your work, you can clean the juice extractor very easily - just flush it with a glass of water. Research by an independent Institute has proven that the juice produced with the JuiceMaker JP1500 is more healthy and tasty than juice you can obtain in a traditional juicer - it contains 4 times more fibre to help your digestive system, and up to 20% more vitamin C that enhances your immune system.

  • More nutrients
  • Better taste
  • More juice
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  • Specification

    JP1500 JuiceMaker

    Product type fruit, vegetable and herb juice extractor
    Maximum power [W] 150
    Rotational speed of extracting screw [rpm] 40
    On/off switch +
    Reverse function +
    Stainless steel mesh -
    SES extracting system +
    Lid with feed chute +
    Food pusher +
    Pulp container [l] 1,2
    Juice container [l] 1,2
    Cleaning brush +
    Available colour variants black
    Housing material plastic/metal
    Warranty period [months] 24
    EAN code 5 900 215 020 051

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