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Espresso, cappuccino, latte – the new Zelmer espresso machines


You know everything about the stimulating effects of coffee but you seldom have enough time to brew it in a proper way. You usually reach for instant coffee but deep down you dream of a cup of black, hot, aromatic beverage covered by a rich froth. Your wish may come true because now you have new, elegant, user-friendly Zelmer espresso machines featuring a special frothing system - Crema designed in Italy.

The modern high-pressure (15 bar) espresso machine - Zelmer Maestro model 13Z012 with a large LCD display enables you to have full control over the brewing process. The appliance is equipped with an exceptional water heating system - Thermoblock, which makes it possible to reach and maintain the temperature level appropriate for each function. In addition, thanks to a special coating the scale accumulation process is slowed down, which in turn causes that you don't have to descale the appliance very often. The Crema System creates a rich, long-lasting froth, and with the specially designed filter it is possible to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time. The cup warming function, the large (over 2-litre) water tank and the frothing jug facilitate using the appliance.

The high-pressure (15 bar) espresso machine - Zelmer Supremo model 13Z013 impresses with its elegant simplicity and high quality finish. Thanks to the process of preliminary coffee brewing and the possibility to warm up the cups, the coffee made in the Supremo espresso machine pleases the senses with exceptional flavour and aroma. The Crema System, equipped with a double-bottom filter, makes a rich, lasting froth. The filter creates back pressure which allows for maintaining the temperature level and ensures the perfect shot of espresso every time, as a result preparing a delicious froth. The special filter enabling the preparation of two cups of coffee at the same time, the Thermobloc water heating system, the manual control and the frothing jug are extra assets of this appliance.

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